Ashley is a Engineering Leader who has helped to grow start-up companies who want to make postivie changes in the world. He specalizes in building technology which interacts with the real world and in the past has built an IoT platform which has supports 100,000+ remotely connected devices. He is happy working across a technology stack from hardware and embedded firmware up to backend and frontend web-app development.


At GemFair, Ashley leads the development of a platform which ensures small scale Gem miners get paid a fair wage and get to work in safe, ethical conditions. The platform ensures that only the minerals found at certified sites can be registered and tracability is kept throughout the supply chain to increase visibility to consumers.

Gemfair - Tracability, Empowerment and Fair Value


After getting involved in the offgrid energy sector at univestity, Ashley spent 5 years at BBOXX helping to transform the product offering to a range of products which made access to clean energy much more affordable and reliable. Over the 5 years, Ashley went from being hands-on with the early technologies to building a cross functional team to develop all areas of the hardware product offering and the cloud-based product managment platform which eanbled the pay-as-you-go functionlity.

The industry leading BBOXX Home product was developed by Ashley and his team and was produced in large volumes to electrify 100,000s of homes.

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During 2012 Ashley interned at ARM where he spend two months making a simulation a display buffer to help customers optimise their SoCs for a range of displays.

Applied Relay Testing

Developed a USB High-Speed interface card to replace a legacy parrallel port card. The main work was to develop the USB High-Speed compatible firmware to achieve the required data transfer bandwidth for the test data capture.